Dated 7th May 2020


All of the team here at The Greener Earth Project are committed to limiting the environmental impact of our company. We have the following principles.

Policy Principles:

  1. We believe that before you try to offset your carbon footprint, you should do what you can to reduce it first.

  2. Our company wants to teach our followers and members how to live more sustainably. Showing how we all personally do so.

  3. The Greener Earth Project will continue to assess any impacts we have on the environment and make changes where needed.

  4. Keeping as many documents digital means we avoid printing as much as possible.

  5. Working from our homes means we don’t have to commute to and from work, which is really important to us.

  6. We believe there is more we can do than to just offset carbon emissions, which is why we help support different organisations globally.

The Greener Earth Project will continue to evaluate the impact we are having on the planet. Keeping transparent in our business and always educating when we can. The whole team here is fully committed to this policy.