Let's elevate the carbon conversation

Live Net Zero Day helps people to live without contributing to carbon emissions and to take positive steps in their own lives towards a more sustainable future. 


Our over use of the earth’s resources has brought us to a time of climate crisis.  These resources are used everywhere in our daily lives. By challenging people to try to live without them - or by swapping them for cleaner alternatives - we seek to raise the conversation of the positive steps we can take. It allows you and us to try out different approaches to living that we hope can become loved new habits.

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What does taking part in Live Net Zero Day actually involve?

Sunday 22nd May is The Greener Earth Project's birthday! To celebrate we’ll make positive changes together like

  • walking or cycling instead of driving

  • skipping meat 

  • sourcing things locally, like drinking English sparkling wine 

  • turning the heating off, or switching to a 100% renewable energy tariff 

  • making clean and sustainable choices in the things we buy

We founded the Greener Earth Project in 2020 as the UK’s first and only reforestation charity that makes it easy for people to plant trees.  Planting trees supports the storage of carbon emissions and the protection of people and environments from the impacts of climate change.

Join the challenge

Great! You want to join us. That’s awesome.  We’ve got loads of hints and tips that’ll help you to take positive steps to reduce your carbon emissions and ignite a conversation for change. 

Important stuff:

We know this will not be easy and we know that just one day is not the answer.

  • Getting to Net Zero requires heavy lifting from Government and businesses. 

  • As citizens our efforts alone will never be enough. But we strongly believe we and you can be a positive force for change in our own lives and communities. 

  • If Live Net Zero Day sparks new conversations towards action, raises awareness and helps you on your journey to living a better sustainable life we will be proud of what we’ve achieved. 

Calculate your carbon footprint

Every day, how we heat our homes, how we move around, the food choices we make and the things we buy create our carbon footprint. The first step is to understand where our carbon emissions come from. 

Our friends and charity crush – the WWF – have generously allowed us to use their Footprint Calculator.  Take the test to understand how much carbon you contribute to the atmosphere each year and how:

As a rule of thumb, a mature tree removes 22kg (0.022 tonnes) of CO2 from the atmosphere each year.  

So, if your carbon footprint is 12 tonnes a year, that’s 545 trees planted per year, or 1.5 trees a day.  


To do your own annual tree calculation take your annual carbon footprint from the calculator and divide the figure in tonnes by 0.022. 


Time is crucial to the recipe – only once the trees are mature have you mitigated the impact of the emissions.

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