When we started The Greener Earth Project, we committed ourselves to being as open and transparent as possible. We wanted all our members to know exactly where their money was being spent.

We also committed ourselves to showing our members where the trees they purchased where being planted.


Trees planted

As of: September 30th, 2021

Where are the trees planted?

58 planted in the U.K. 

We work with local community groups who are based in the countries where the trees are planted.

At the end of each quarter, we pay them the donations we've pooled. They then us this money to not only pay for the trees, but also to provide a fair wage for the people planting the trees, as well as protection for the site once the planting is complete.

1 planted in India 

14 planted in The Phillippines

3 planted in Ghana

2 planted in Brazil

2,710 planted in Tanzania

12,994 planted in Mozambique

14 planted in Australia