Updated: May 17

Hello you lovely lot,

It’s nearly our birthday! Did you see?

To celebrate we have launched Live Net Zero Day!

Live Net Zero Day helps people to live without contributing to carbon emissions and to take positive steps in their own lives towards a more sustainable future.

Every year, we add billions of tonnes of greenhouse gases to the earth’s atmosphere. Mostly, this is carbon dioxide, which is why it’s so common to speak of ‘carbon’ emissions. This is the primary cause of the heating of the earth’s atmosphere that causes climate change.

Net Zero means balancing the amount of carbon we add to the atmosphere with what is removed. It is very hard to remove carbon from the atmosphere, so the simplest option is to reduce what we add.

We will be sending you lots of hints and tips on how you can get involved!

To sign up click the link below:

Can’t wait to see what you all get up to!

Thank you for reading,

Love Demi x


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